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My Tribute to the World Trade Center

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All Photographs taken by me over the years
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Fireworks from 42 Street
Taken in 1982 (?) the rededication of the Statue of Liberty

1998 Twin Towers

This photo makes you think
Taken from Jersey City on July 4, 2000 The B-2 Bomber

A tree in autumn; Size=240 pixels wide

Growing up in Northern New Jersey in the 1960s I watched the World Trade Center being built in New York City.  In the 1970s it was a place to go on a nice summer day.  Later in my life I took it for granted...hey it is only a building.  
Then September 11, 2001 happened.  I drove my car down Route 280 till the police would let you go no further.  Lower NYC looked like a volcano had gone off.  Two weeks later I took the PATH to the Village and walk down to see the "pile."  It was strange, It was like I lost a friend, I half expected to see it there as I walk to City Hall, gone.   I know it was a building but when I went home I found so many photographs of this building, I guess it was a part of my life. 
This is my record of the building........Lets never forget the lives lost that day.
Mark Worobetz
Garwood, New Jersey

WTC from Ellis Island (June 1999)

Me in 1978 ( college days)

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