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My Tribute to the World Trade Center

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Growing up in Northern New Jersey in the 1960s I watched the World Trade Center being built in New York City.  In the 1970s it was a place to go on a nice summer day.  Later in my life I took it for granted...hey it is only a building.  
Then September 11, 2002 happen.  I drove my car down Route 280 till the police would let you go no further.  Lower NYC looked like a volcanoe had gone off.  Two weeks later I took the PATH to the Village and walk down to see the "pile."  It was strange, It was like I lost a friend, I half expected to see it there as I walk to City Hall, gone.  It was like a friend who you know for 20-30 years dies one day and you never got to say Good Bye.  I know it was a building but when I went home I found so many photographs of this building, I guess it was a part of my life. 
This is my record of the building........Lets never forget the lives lost that day.
Mark Worobetz
Garwood, New Jersey

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Thanks, Mark

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