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Sparta (NJ) HS Teacher's Alumni Page

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News and Information that would be interesting to past members of Sparta HS Sparta , New Jersey

Friday Dec. 2 2005: SEA Christmas Holiday Party at Sheridan's Lodge, Andover, NJ.  3-6pm if you can make it (RSVP) email Mark Worobets at or   Hope you can make it.

First week in June 2006: End of Year HS Party at the Mohawk Golf Club.  More information to come.

If you would like your email address posted here please pass it along and I will place it in the alumni email page.

Please share this site with anyone who you feel would be interested.

I will try to update this site every "few weeks" or when a news item needs to be posted.  If you have anything you wish to share here please let me know and I will get it up on this site.

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